Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Power Rankings 2/29

Power Rankings 2/29
45 games

1. Brewers  28-17
The Brew Crew remains in the top spot at this point in the season. Took 3 of 4 from a very good Nats team, 2 of 3 from the Padres and Giants. Also winning 9 of last 13. Currently number two in the NL in runs scored (behind the Cubs). Bobby Simmons is leading the way with a slash line of .322/.388/.592 with 10 hr, 13 2b, 2 3b, and 10 sb.At 33 Johnny Cressend is rocking a .340/.387/.577 and 7 hr. 

2. Red Sox  28-17
The Red Sox remain in the number two spot, and the current #1 in the AL. They may trail the Yankees in the AL East, and have two less wins than the A’s, but overall they a dangerous offensive team that has performed up to expectations. Adrian Ramsay is making a case for MVP with a .347/.434/.653 w/13 hr and 13 2b. Five more players have an OPS of .800 or better. Toss in 58 stolen bases and a team .371 OBP you can see this is a team to be reckoned with.

3. A’s  30-15
The A’s have, once again, proven they belong in the top echelon of teams in Kinsella teams. Despite the trade that finally brought Vic Gonzales, and subsequently landed him on the 60 day DL with a herniated disk in his neck, the team has produced. The pitching is excellent (team 1.16 whip, .288 obp against), and the offense is just as good (252 runs scored, 4th in the AL). Bonilla is another MVP candidate with his 12 homeruns and .356/.412/.583.

4. White Sox  27-18
The White Sox continue to impress despite an offense that is not performing up to expectations. Their pitching has been exceptional by only allowing 180 runs, and a .306 oOBP. The team carries a 1.23 WHIP, and the top three starters already have 40 k’s in 40+ innings. When the offense starts to click, look out.

5. D’Backs  29-16
The Diamondbacks have an average offense (209 runs) and continue to hurt themselves with their running game (27 steals/21 caught). Their OBP is a little above average at .336 and they are 3rd in all of Kinsella in doubles. Their strength is their pitching, as they have allowed only 177 runs which is 5th in Kinsella. Their biggest opportunity (other than their running game) is their defense. They are the 3rd worst in Kinsella and worst in all of the NL with a .978 fielding percentage. If they clean up a little, this team could win the NL (sticking to the original prediction).

6. Padres 28-17
The Padres are probably the hottest team in all of Kinsella. They have the best pitching staff in all of Kinsella, only allowing 131 runs. Their 1.11 WHIP is the best in Kinsella as well. It’s a good thing that their pitching is solid, because they are average everywhere else. They have a punchless offense, and a mediocre defense. But the pitching has more than made up for that. In a tough division like the NL West, anything can happen.

7. Marlins 28-17
The Marlins got off to a slow start offensively. They are average at this point and have only scored 217 runs, with a .333 team OBP. Their pitching is leading the way by only allowing 167 runs (5th in all of Kinsella) and 3rd in WHIP (1.20). Santos Lorenzo is putting on a pitching clinic with only 14 runs allowed in 81 IP, and 82 k’s to 12 bb. Dominating. And not someone you want to see in the first round of the playoffs.

8. Yankees  29-16
The Yankees are known in Kinsella as the luckiest team in the league. And in some circles the Commish has sold his soul. No matter how you look at it, the team is very lucky. But they are a TEAM. They rank 7th in WHIP, and have allowed 198 runs. They can also credit their excellent fielding, which ranks 6th in Kinsella. The offense has only scored 214 runs and nothing really stands out as above average. Can the Yankees hang on? In the end the Orioles and Red Sox will be standing in the way of this very experienced team.

9. Nationals 25-20
The Nationals have fallen off just a little, and have yet to meet the high expectations. Their offense is still solid, but only producing 233 runs this year. They continue to have the 3rd highest OBP in the league at .357, but they have only hit 113 extra base hits. Their pitching is average (giving up 216), but their WHIP is a disturbing 1.48. The Nats have the players to be very successful. But like other teams this year, just have not hit their stride.

10. Rangers  25-20
Despite a recent seven game slide that saw the Rangers come crashing back to earth, they are still an offensive juggernaut. The pitching staff really let them down as they got hammered by some of the better offensive teams (Boston/Minnesota), but rebounded to at least steal one game from the Yankees. They get another shot at the Twins then the Tigers so redemption is not far off.

Honorable Mentions: Cardinals, Dodgers, Cubs, Orioles

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  1. You definitely missed the mark here. Clearly you meant to say that the Yankees are known as the best team in the league and you accidentally ranked them #8 instead of their rightful place at #1.