Saturday, February 18, 2012

The trade heard round the world

The Athletics finally made the deal they have been trying to pull off for a few years now. Vic Gonzalez, former MVP, was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays for pitchers Francisco Sanchez and closer Marc Torres. The A's also sent 25 year old Dutch pitcher, Justin Spencer.
League sources stated that quite a few franchises were surprised and dismayed at the trade. They felt that Vic Gonzales was traded for pennies on the dollar, and that the Rays did seek other bids for the super star hitter. Even sources within the A's organization stated that they would have been willing to give up more.
The Rays made a short statement to their fans, and wished Vic Gonzalez luck. They also stated that they were able to get financial flexibility since all three pitchers made a combined $2 million compared to Gonzalez's $7 million. "The trade improves our pitching staff, gives us a chance to play younger players in better defensive positions, and the cap flexibility will allow us to fill other needs on our pitching staff."
In a corresponding move, the Rays dealt for 34 year old Angels pitcher Spike Henley, and sent reliever Hank Sellers packing. 

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