Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AL North Preview

The AL North has been dominated by the Chicago White Sox for the past eight seasons, including a World Series title in season 15. Can anyone else in the division step up to knock them out of the top spot?

Chicago White Sox
Last Season: 115-47
RS/RA: 854-568
Key Players Returning: Al Palacious, Brace Watkins, Walter Phillips
Key Players Leaving: Lorenzo Rios (Atl), Esteban Carrasco (Cubs)
New Additions: Jimmie Torres, Nick Terrell, Sven Hammonds
Prediction: Didn't lose anyone crucial and the team is still among the youngest in the league. With room to grow more expect another division championship from the Black and White from the Southside.
RS/RA 870-540
W/L 110-52

Blue Jays
Last Season: 80-82
RS/RA: 823-872
Key Players Returning: Victor Blanco, Chin-Lung Chang, Douglas Carpenter, Wally Barton
Key Players Leaving: Albie Pineda (NYY), Lariel Juarez (PIT)
New Additions: Phillip Kingston (FLA), Joseph Ishii (DET),
Prediction: The big question is if the Jays improved their pitching and defense. By adding Kingston and Ishii they have taken a step forward. Pasqual Ramirez and Delanor Johnstone, while some of the older pitchers took a step backwards. With basically the same team, don't expect the Jays to make big enough strides to reach the playoffs this year.
RS/RA: 840-850
W/L: 82-80
GM FEEDBACK: " I project Johnstone will post 20 wins. Also, Doumet will have a full season. I project him to hit 44 homers. Hopefully these 2 will lead the team to a wild card spot. Chicago is just too strong in the division." (Toronto GM rod33

Minnesota Twins
Last Season: 73-89
RS/RA: 766-877
Key Players Returning: Benny Astacio, Gene Simms, Brady Sierra, Jesse Cooke
Key Players Leaving: Jesus Figureoa (Phi), Lonny Chavez (FA), Nerio Rose (FA)
New Additions: Stretch Boucher, Pedro Ordonez, Shane Bradley (CIN),  Clint Brocail(rule5-NYM)
Prediction: It's hard to say that the Twins have done enough to make a big leap this year. Their biggest problem was allowing runs. There isn't any upgrades on the defensive side, and nothing on the pitching side that will really help. The offense will miss Lonny Chavez.
RS/RA: 745-850
W-L: 71-91

Detroit Tigers
Last Season:63-99
RS/RA: 730-880
Key Players Returning: Tommy Corcoran, Adrian Lee, Vance Cora,
Key Players Leaving: Felipe Oropesa (FA), Stan Borbon (MTL)
New Additions: Edgard Nunez
Prediction: Made one big upgrade to their team by calling up prospect Nunez to play CF. That should make a difference in a couple of ways. But one change to a team that finished dead last doesn't impress the once rabid fanbase. The rebuilding continues and fans are losing patience in Mo-Town.
RS/RA: 760-850
W/L: 68-94

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