Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NL North Preview

The Brew crew has held the divisional crown in the NL North for four of the past five years. They went to the WS two years ago and nearly won it all. Cincy finally posted a winning record last year, while the Cubs have steadily declined since winning the division in season 14. The Expos have been mired in rebuilding for several seasons now.

Last Season:95-67
Key Players Returning:The pitching staff, Bobby Simmons, Bruce Lewis
Key Players Leaving: Alex Itou(FA), Brett Stuart (FA), Bert Gilbert(FA), Aaron Graham(FA), Brian Chang(FA), Alvin Sasser(FA)
New Additions: Dee Dee Hutton (Cubs), Jean Carpenter (POR), Glen Stanley(SF), Johnny Cressend (TB), Tito Yoon (KC), Pat Chang(FLA), Sammy Corino(MTL)
Prediction:The Brewers re-tooled...BIG TIME. They add two former MVP's in Hutton and Cressend. Their pitching staff is still amazing, and getting better. This could very well be the team to beat in the NL.

Last Season:83-79
Key Players Returning:
Key Players Leaving: Jordan Brower(FA), Enrique Navarro(FA), Don Anderson(CUBS), Yamil Saenz(FA), Patrick Adams(FA), Derrick Watkins(PIT), Eugene McMillon(TB), Shane Bradley(MIN), Pepper Stearns(FA), Wilt Diaz(FA), Ben Daniels(FA), Jackson Steele(FA), Stuart Flynn(FA), Dan Thomson(retired)
New Additions: Moises Pescado, Ralph Lowell(METS), Harry Uribe(AZ), Vasco Castillo(LAA)
Prediction:Quite a bit of turnover in the organization. If they can pick up another big bat or solid arm they might be trouble for the Brewers. The team probably overpaid Harry Uribe, since he is basically a platoon player. His defense will help, but it just isn't the biggest move they could have made. The young guys that have moved up in the organization are going to have to grow up quick. I predict they will.

Last Season:49-113
Key Players Returning: not many key players...
Key Players Leaving:Dee Dee Hutton (MIL), Buck Brown(PHI), Tommy Norman(FLA)
New Additions: Aurelio Infante(MTL), Jose Liriano(NYY), Guy Cunningham(NYY), Ivan Prince(PIT), Rex Yearwood(CLV), Kyle Toombs(KC), Esteban Carrasco(CSOX), Marc Buhner(AZ), Cesar Trajano(AZ), Scott Perry(TB), Denny Rath(STL), Tuck Murphy(TX), Don Anderson(CIN), Enrique Pena(TB), Morris Houston(HOU)
Prediction:I haven't seen many teams in HBD give up over a 1000 runs. Obviously the leadership felt the same way. The Cubs dove headfirst into the free agency market and made the team substantially better. It will be enough to make the Cubs respectable again, fast.
W/L: 70-92

Last Season:35-127
Key Players Returning: Luis Rodriguez, Ernie Gehrig, Joel Canseco
Key Players Leaving: Alex Almanzar(PHI),  Albert Weathers(FA),  Pedro Jimenez(FA)
New Additions: Tom Urich(WAS), Jim Rowan(TB), Vic Sierra(MIN), Stan Borbon(DET), Garret Barker, Peter Pan, Derek Williams(BOS), Michael Walter(FLA), Jeremie Morgan(METS), Ernie Gehrig(SF), Ruben Gongora(WAS)
Prediction:The Expos made some decent moves that will pay off in the long run. But right now the rebuilding is painful. Good thing no one in Montreal really likes baseball.
RS/RA: 460-760

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