Monday, February 20, 2012

Power Rankings

Power Rankings 2/20
20 games

After the first 20 games, Kinsella is starting to see some separations in the divisions. The teams that did well in their initial 10 division games have taken the lead. Rankings are based off of the initial season predictions, but as we all know there is some surprise teams.

1.   1. Milwaukee Brewers 13-7
The Brewers earned the top spot due to their excellent offensive production to start the year. They are second in Kinsella in runs scored and OBP. They got swept by the Marlins early on, but have since gone 8-2. They took two of three games from both the Padres and Cubs. They are league average in pitching and defensive metrics. 

2. Boston Red Sox 15-4
The Red Sox have started off hotter than most thought before the season started. Their pitching has led the way by currently allowing the second fewest runs in the AL. They are currently averaging 5.4 runs per game on offense, and are third in Kinsella in OBP. They have won four of their last five, including taking two of three from the Orioles.

3. Washington Nationals 12-7
The Nationals are playing excellent baseball in D.C. Their brand of fundamental baseball has led them to have the least errors in Kinsella (tied with only 5), and to lead the NL in OBP. They are third in the NL in runs scored. They recently took two of three from the Diamondbacks and broke even on their road trip at 3-3.

4. Texas Rangers 14-6
The Rangers have been the surprise of the AL this season. They have scored the most runs in Kinsella, and are averaging 7.7 runs per game. The most potent offense leads the league in homeruns AND walks, and are second in OBP. They are third in stolen bases, and only have eight errors this season. The Rangers have won ten of their last eleven, which included sweeps of Charlotte, Seattle, and Toronto. However, they did lost two of three at home against the Tigers.

5. Oakland Athletics 12-7
The A’s started 9-1 in a weak AL West, but have gone 3-6 versus the rest of the AL. This included being swept by the Blue Jays. Still, the have allowed the third least amount of runs in the AL, and lead the AL in WHIP despite being currently below average defensively. They are eighth in runs scored in all of Kinsella. 

6. Chicago Cubs 12-7
The Cubs currently hold a paltry .321 OBP, but are averaging 5.21 runs per game. Pitching was a huge problem last year (cough…1000 runs…cough). This year has been a 180 degree turn. The Cubbies are third in runs allowed in the NL. One big reason is their excellent defense, which is currently tied for first in all of Kinsella in fielding percentage. The Cubs were swept early by the Padres, but recently took two of three from the Marlins, and swept Atlanta and Montreal.

7. Baltimore Orioles 13-7
The Orioles offense has been less productive, and key indicators saying they should be worse. They are average in runs scored, and below average in OBP. They have stayed strong with pitching and defense. They are in a three way tie for the league lead in fielding percentage (with only five errors), and are third in the AL in runs allowed. They lost two of three at home against the Red Sox, but rebounded on their recent road trip. They went 5-2, including a sweep of Tampa Bay.

8. Chicago White Sox 13-7
It’s early, and the White Sox have yet to demonstrate their dominant nature. They are just above average in pitching, average in defense, and not performing up to expectations on offense. They White Sox hold a .320 OBP, and their runs scored have reflected their inability to reach base consistently. They are allowing 3.6 runs per game, and are second in the AL in WHIP. Recently they lost three of four to the Orioles at home.

9. Arizona Diamondbacks 12-8
The biggest reason that the DBacks earned a spot in the power rankings is because of the early season expectations AND the fact that they were 9-1 versus the NL West…the best division in Kinsella. This included a sweep of the Dodgers, and two of three from the Padres. They do have the second worst defense in Kinsella, but offensively they are average in OBP (.330) and runs scored (90).

10. St. Louis Cardinals 12-8
The Cardinals have been the streakiest team in baseball. They had won nine in a row, followed by a five game losing streak. During the losing streak they were swept by the Giants. Despite average defense and pitching, they are second in runs and OBP in the NL.

Honorable Mentions: Giants, Marlins, Dodgers, Padres

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