Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NL North Season 10 Preview

Out: CF Gordon Scanlan, RP Jonathan Perry
In: CF Trinidad Woodward, RP Derrek Carpenter, RP Grant Snavely
Impact Rookies:
Payroll: $107MM
Montreal returns essentially the same squad, although Perry's 100+ innings will be missed. Nothing to suggest a dropoff here - they're the favorite to repeat.

Out: CF Cliff Rivers, RP Howie Voight
In: no notables
Impact Rookies:
Payroll: $56MM

Retrenching year in Cincy? The offense was 7th last year and Rivers is a big loss (defensively, too).

Out: P's Hector Mendoza and Heinie Figueroa
In: SP Davey Molina, CD Gordon Scanlan, RP's Howie Voigt and Graham Brown
Impact Rookies: SP Bruce Thurman (Season 6 #22 overall)
Payroll: $130MM

Chicago took a stretched payroll and stretched it some more. Team ERA was 9th last year - look for a nice improvement. The Cubbies are going all-out to contend and I think they will.

Out: P's Earl Patterson (age 42), Eli Lira (age 37), J.P. Morales; RF Duke Beckett
In: SP's Del Perron and Willie Hermanson, RP Jonathan Perry, C Patrick Romero, 1B Valerio Guillen
Impact Rookies: 2B Alex Almanzar (Sea 3 IFA - $11MM by NYY), CF Bruce Lewis (Sea 6 #3 overall), RF Bobby Simmons (Sea 7 #3 overall)
Payroll: $77MM

Perhaps the biggest off-season in the NL. Milwaukee went for moderately-priced, 2 and 3-year FA deals to supplement their prospect influx. Can't see a huge improvement in their pitching, but they could pass last year's 674 runs by Game 120.

Sizing Up the Race:
The Cubbies will make a strong run, but Montreal holds on to win the division. Cincy slides enough for the surging Brewers to take 3rd.

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