Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Agency Part 2

The Rays made the big headlines, but there was plenty of other action on the free agency front. This is now officially the biggest free agency class in Kinsella history, with 35 (so far) A and B free agents signing.

RAYS - $240MM over the next 5 years for pitchers Vitiello, Becker and Crosby. What'd they buy? Favorite status, a 5-year window for multiple WS titles, and a boatload of budget problems starting in Season 13. Certainly no bargains here, but you gotta give these signings a thumbs up for boldness.

DODGERS - LA jumped in during the last cycle and fished out some bargains. Bryan Reed (Bargain Signing - $2.6/2years) can hit for sure...are we seeing a trend to low-PC C's, or is he going to be a bad-catch, good-throw 1B? Duke Beckett and Dick Lightenberg (Bargain Signing - $2.6/2 years) form a perfect RF platoon. Happy Blume (Bargain Signing - $2.6/2 years) is the ideal "big-ballpark" 100-inning setup reliever.

ORIOLES - Baltimore went both big and budget. First, they shelled out $13.5 per for 4 years for James Hutton, then grabbed slugger Jim Thomas (Bargain Signing - $2.75/2 years). Hutton has been closing for Seattle, but may find a new role as a 120+ inning setup man. Thomas likely takes over in RF.

PADRES - San Diego added a pair of sinkerballing RP's in Gary King (nice touch with the ultra front end-loaded contract for trade purposes) and Fernando James ($3.9MM/2 years).

TWINS - Minnesota picked up a nice C in Morgan Stephenson (Bargain Signing - $4.1MM/2 years) and a budget SP in Rabbit Tracy ($3.0MM/2years).

BREWERS - Milwaukee continued to add pieces with setup man Jonathan Perry. Not quite a bargain at an average of $6.8 for 2 years, he'll still be a welcome addition to an improving Brewers team.

ROYALS - KC corralled perhaps the best hitter of free agency's 2nd half, LF Harry Reid (4 years, $7.1MM with a $1MM bonus). KC is another team on the rise with multiple impact rookies arriving this year.

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