Sunday, June 16, 2013

Final Predictions

Season 23 Playoff/World Series Prediction

This is the part of the predictions that makes owners cringe. "Please god, don't let it be me...". It's time for the annual dodgersgale "KISS OF DEATH". Enjoy

National League

Pittsburgh Pirates     93-69 (Division Champ)

Florida Marlins         104-58 (Division Champ)

Atlanta Braves         96-66 (Playoff, WC)

Montreal Expos        104-58 (Division Champ)

San Diego Padres     101-61 (Division Champ)

Philadelphia Phillies     84-78 (Playoff, WC)


Montreal vs San Diego

Both teams are just too talented and always make noise in the playoffs. Every team has a chance to win this, but odds are the Expos will slug their way in and the Padres will pitch their way in.

American League

Texas Rangers          88-74 (Division Champ)

Oakland Athletics       96-66 (Division Champ)

Toronto Blue Jays    100-62 (Division Champ)

Cleveland Indians       97-65 (Division Champ)

Baltimore Orioles       96-66 (Playoff, WC)

New York Yankees    94-68 (Playoff, WC)


Cleveland vs. New York Yankees

It's been awhile since a six seed snuck in to the ALCS. The Angels are the only 6 seed in the AL to win it all, back in season 6. The Miracle Mariners got to the World Series in season 18. The Beavers (16), Knights (10), and Royals (4) all made it as far as the ALCS. Is there a team that can win it from the back of the playoff pack?


World Series

Montreal OVER Cleveland

Rememer when I said God even hates fake Cleveland teams? This will be living proof. In game 7, Montreal will storm back with 8 runs in the bottom of the 9th to steal a championship for ssauve. Can't you just see Lebron sitting behind the Expos bench with DWade with both in old school Expos hats?
Good luck to every team this year.

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