Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Franchise Highlights - Washington Nationals

by 13killers

The season has been somewhat of a disappointment in Washington. They are presently in 2nd place in the division, but that is a country mile out of the wild card. Despite posting poor win-loss totals, the pitching staff has been solid. Matthew Crosby has been as good as any closer in the league, but saves opportunities have been few and far between. Set-up man Derrek Carpenter, who was acquired from Texas, has been a pleasant surprise. The offensive attack or lack there of, has been the problem in Washington. Although Bing Miles is posting a career year, Ralph Levine has had his worst year as a National. The Washington Nationals are headed for a shake up, after already dealing a few veterans before the dead line.

 AAA: Relief pitchers Cristian Simmons, Ralph Mays and Willie Green are all expected to make the move to the majors next season. They will be joined by power hitting Les Graham, Oswaldo Cela, Walt Washington and Harold Stokes.
 AA: Aaron Benson and Julio Romero had MVP type seasons, but newly acquired CF-Damion Stock will get first crack in the show. Sam Franklin and Greg Tomlinson are future major league relievers.
 HI A: The best talent in the franchise plays at HI A: Infielders Ralph Earley, Gabe Barrett and Allie White are all future Major Leaguers…joined by Sluggers Brett Stuart, Jackie Brohawn and Ted Lombardi, the nationals offensive woes could be over in the near future. Throw in defensive aces Walter Hutch, Jose Tavarez and lefty Stuart Wilson, the national have a large talent pool coming.
 Low A: The can’t miss player here has to be Julio Toca. His .309 avg 53 hr and 164 rbi have vaulted him to hot prospect status…and the kid can play defense. Eric Hunter, Andres Ortiz, Deivi Fuentes, Matt Swann and Vance Morgan round out a solid group of position players. Lefty Will Sanders should make a middle rotation starter as well.
 Rookie: The Nationals are waiting to see how well Brad Jackson and P.J. Robinson recover from injury. Davey Weston, Cozy Russell and Randall Johnson round out a thin group in Rookie ball for the Nationals.

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