Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Season 30 Weekly Power Rankings #1

1.      New York Yankees (15-4):  Winning games with many contributors despite Al Perez looking like a shell of himself. (7.84 ERA, 1.94 WHIP)
2.      Detroit Tigers (15-5):  Melky Sanchez has been outstanding but hard to believe this is sustainable with the team barely outscoring opponents. (76-70)
3.      New York Mets (14-5):  The Mets have possibly the best pitching staff since San Diego’s collection of aces from about a decade ago.  J.P. Guerrero is the best person at getting on base in the history of this league, if only his offseason conditioning were better.
4.      Baltimore Orioles (14-6):  Led by Tori Cambridge, the offense is performing a bit over their heads at the moment but if the starting pitching can get a bit more consistent this team could remain high in these rankings.
5.      Boston Red Sox (12-7):  Boston appears to have become Flip Jones’ town as he has quickly become the face of the franchise, with their future appearing to be postseason bound once again.
5.      Portland Beavers (12-7):  The Beaver pitching staff has given opposing hitters fits this season as the Beavers roll along as the class of the AL West.
5.      Chicago Cubs (12-7):  Trayvon Hammond is on fire and the pitching has been brilliant in hitting friendly Wrigley. After 7 straight 2nd place finishes, is this finally their year?
8.      Montreal Expos (12-8):  The offense is powering the team as the pitching has not done well so far. But it seems to be the end of the line for Rodrigo Marin as he is finally showing his age.
8.      St. Louis Cardinals (12-8):  To start this season, Kevin Stahoviak has been the man mowing ‘em down in route to pitcher of the week honors. His battery mate, Sergio Gardner has been the driving force at the plate.
10.   Tampa Bay Rays (11-8):  Team has been performing decently all around but what the hell is Timo Adams doing at SS for the big club?!?!?!
10.   Houston Astros (11-8):  Stu DeRosa and Willie Delgado have been superstars out of the gate while others have been a bit disappointing. Look for this talented team to rise in the rankings in weeks to come.
10.   Los Angeles Dodgers (11-8):  Miguel Guerrero and FA acquisition Josh Justice have led a mostly disappointing offense. So far the Achilles heel of the team has been the bullpen.
13.   Texas Rangers (11-9):  Rangers have some quality platoon members doing well on offense in what looks to be another reloading season, but championship hopes seem dim when the superstar of the team is a middle reliever. (Rolando Gonzalez)
13.   Milwaukee Brewers (11-9):  The Brewers are a tale of two teams, the 1-9 in their division team and the 10-0 against everyone else. If that 1-9 team keeps showing up for divisional games, will the defending champs actually miss the postseason???
13.   Philadelphia Phillies (11-9):  Time for a missing person report? The real Luis Baez has not been showing up to the ball park. 1 homer in 20 games for a guy who averages about 50 a season. He better find his homer stroke soon before the Mets run away with it.
13.   Arizona Diamondbacks (11-9):  The cheapest team in the world is getting it done with smoke and mirrors. How they are over .500 right now is one of the great mysteries of life.
17.   Atlanta Braves (10-9):  A subpar offense of showing has negated a brilliant start from one of the better pitching staffs. This team should be a good competitor in a tight NL South.
18.   Minnesota Twins (9-10):  Pitchers have done decently but the lack of power is holding them back. They badly need Doumit to regain his home run stroke.
18.   Cincinnati Reds (9-10):  A high powered offense along with a mediocre pitching staff has made for some high scoring excitement in Cinci. If you get a seat in the outfield be sure to bring your glove as both teams will be sending out some souvenirs.
20.   San Francisco Giants (9-11):  Between Dunn, Bonilla, Ramirez, and Griffith (who has mercifully finally escaped AAA purgatory), the Giants should have one of the most potent offenses in the league. It will be interesting to watch and see if the bats can come alive after their slow start.
21.   Chicago White Sox (8-12):  A decent balanced offense combined with a mediocre pitching staff has put them in the middle of the pack.
21.   Kansas City Royals (8-12):  If the rest of the team were performing like sluggers Matthews and Robbins and starters Ackley and Vance, the Royals would be near the top, but sadly most are screwing the pooch.
21.   Seattle Mariners (8-12):  The Mariners look improved and Seattle fans for good reason should be excited about the debuts of Glanville and Schoeneweis.
21.   Anaheim Angels (8-12):  Greg Watson has had some mammoth home run shots, but there is not enough offense around him to help what has been a very solid pitching performance.
21.   Pittsburgh Pirates (8-12):  The offense has been solid with good power led by P.T. Fischbach. The defense has been the biggest weakness of the team with 7 – plays contributing to a subpar pitching result.
26.   Oakland Athletics (7-12):  What is wrong with Anibal Maduro? The league’s worst offense has ruined a spectacular effort by one of the best pitching staffs.
27.   Cleveland Indians (7-13):  Jury is still out on the Indians as most of their games have come against the beasts of the AL East. Starter Gio Lopez has been one of the few bright spots so far.
27.   Florida Marlins (7-13):  The Marlins are a team that trimmed quite a bit of payroll this season as they start a massive overhaul. One bright spot has been the power contribution of Rule 5 pick Shane Klesko.
29.   Toronto Blue Jays (6-13):  With the lowest payroll in the AL, this team was put together to be able to put warm bodies on the field and consume oxygen. Management needs to be careful to protect next season’s draft pick.
30.   Charlotte Knights (5-14):  The Knights are in the midst of a disaster season with almost everyone performing at career worst levels, highlighted by the previously reliable Frank Mori with an ERA of 6.00.
30.   Washington D.C. Nationals (5-14):  The Nats have been a disaster in all facets of the game. They are in serious danger of losing next season’s draft pick.

32.   San Diego Padres (3-16):  The talent level of this team appears destined for 110 losses. It is going to require serious moves to avoid losing another draft pick.

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