Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Get to Know a GM" Volume #2 - blanch13

The first to reply to my query is the current GM of the World Series Champion New York Mets. blanch13 originally joined Kinsella as the GM of the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays back in Season 5. The team had been completely gutted by previous management and he took the team from the depths to be a powerhouse in the AL, but unfortunately our version of the Buffalo Bills as they lost 3 straight WS. He left the Rays at the top of their game for a 7 season sabbatical until returning to take over a hapless Mets team. The Mets fortunes quickly improved and he now sits atop the league as the defending champion.

Kinsella Blog (KB):  Who is blanch13?

blanch13 (b13):  Soon-to-be 60 yo divorced guy, 1 daughter aged 25 in Madison WI. I've lived in Austin for 7 years now. I run a business coaching practice an internet marketing agency.

KB:  Where does your username come from?

b13:  Partly from my last name - Blanchard - and partly from the number I wore in high school sports - 13.

KB:  Besides sports, what are some of your other interests and hobbies?

b13:  Who are your favorite players of all-time (any sport)?

Basketball - Havlicek
Baseball - The Mick
Football - Joe Willie and Snake Stabler

KB:  Which are your favorite teams?

b13:  The LSU Tigers

KB:  Did you play sports growing up?

b13:  All growing up, baseball and football in HS, a bit of rugby in college.

KB:  What is the top sports related thing you want to do in life that you have not yet done?

b13:  Hike the Milford Track  (KB:  Had to google this. FYI it is a famous hiking trail in New Zealand.)

KB:  What would you consider your greatest WIFS accomplishment?

b13:  Had some good ones, but improving the Mets for 7 straight years and finally winning the WS right here in Kinsella is probably tops 

KB:  Do you have any favorite players from any of your HBD teams?

b13:  The best player I've ever had has been Oscar Young, a power-hitting IF who has won 6 MVP's in 10 seasons in Summer of '49. Unfortunately, he's leaving me for greener pastures after this season.

KB:  What is your favorite aspect of HBD?

b13:  The overall depth and complexity of the sim.

KB:  What is your least favorite aspect of Hardball Dynasty?

b13:  The predictability/linearity of the ratings/development system.

KB:  If you were in HBD, what position would you play? And, what would you be rated?

b13:  I'd be what I was as a high-school baseball player - a power-hitting, strong-armed, bad-fielding SS. Something like con-pwr-vL-vR-eye of 56-99-60-70-90 and range-glv-armS-ArmA of 87-79-99-88

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