Friday, January 10, 2014

Moonlight Graham Award Winner!

The "Moonlight Graham GM of the Year" award was created to recognize and memorialize the top contributing GM in Kinsella. The award is named for a character in the book "Shoeless Joe" and the movie "Field of Dreams". In the story, as in real life, Moonlight Graham really did exist. He only got one chance at the majors, and after his one chance he went to practice medicine. He lived a long life, loved one woman, and was a remarkable man according to all that knew him.

In the movie Graham gets a chance to go back with the greatest players of all time after he saves a little girl. He made the choice between playing ball, and being a good man. For all that encompasses Moonlight Graham's character and the real man, the award is named for him.

The winner of this years award is....

Texas Rangers owner, AKGSPORTS!!!!!!

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