Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NL South


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Marlins made some moves and once again won the division (that’s seven playoffs in a row!). Times are changing and the dominance may be coming to an end. The Marlins are going to be JUST FINE..


This just in, ted is pretty good at this game. His team scored 815 runs, and allowed 541. They are still getting older, but this team is just good. No big changes so far, and that includes another playoff run.

PREDICTION: 103-59, 1st

St. Louis
St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: How in the world could I doubt cyben and his Cards? I mean, the guy has 17 playoffs in 28 HBD seasons (but none in Kinsella…yet). This is a team that improves EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
 It’s strange to say, but this team could be BETTER. To add to the “better” theme, several prospects are on their way up. Overall, this team is dangerous with a capital D. Watch out for “the kids”.

OUT: Chan Dong, Carlos Guzman, Kirk Sheffiled, Rob Ramirez, Rube Flores
IN: Delanor Johnstone, Carlos Redondo, Mo Daniels, Sven Piatt.

I was right, the Cards are solid. Only missed their predicted record by one win. Chan Dong played way over his head, but he is replaced on the staff by Johnstone and Daniels. “Johnstone and Daniels give me a legit #1 and a solid #3 and both will be more reliable come playoff time than last season's offerings,” said cyben.
Everything about this team is aimed at a deep playoff run. This will be a team to watch.



For an offensively anemic team, something needed to change. They needed more out of Hughie Barney. If he’s going to lead the team in plate appearances, he needs to contribute more than 0.9 war and create 72 runs. The window appears to have closed on the Braves. But for a guy with 42 playoffs in 87 seasons I just can’t close the door. What does bux have up his sleeve this time?
OUT: Khoury Hayes, Henry Payne

Bux had nothing up his sleeve as he slides towards rebuilding. They were only five below my prediction so, it’s not like they were horrible. Once again, I have to guess because Bux couldn’t be bothered to send in a preview of his team.
 Khoury Hayes went to Tampa for almost nothing, and took his 82 runs/2.8 war with him. But he was replaced with one of the better free agents in Tomas Dotel. But based on numbers alone, the production is a wash. David Lo was another good pick up and moves to LF to solidify a weaker defense.
Overall, the young guys are going to play better this year. Even though they are rebuilding, they are not to be overlooked.


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: This team will look a lot like the real Astros. A bunch of no names and cast offs. Which will somehow win 70 games. “It’s not going to be very pretty, but I think if the pitching holds, we can be competitive.” Said a cigar smoking dherz from his plush office overlooking the retirement home. He seems like a man completely at home and biding his time. Time will tell.

OUT: David Lo
IN: Victor Pulido, Polin Arias, Chin-Feng Fujiwara, Rod Conway

DHerz is still in his office, but the old folks home has been replaced by a hotel. He could afford to build it due to spending only $16 million on his player payroll.
But talk about getting the most for your money. This team won’t win the World Series, but they are competitive. This is another team that is fun to keep an eye on. DHerz has a plan, and that is to eventually unseed Florida and St. Louis and take over as the team to beat. They will get there eventually.

PREDICTION: 68-94, Last place

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