Monday, September 9, 2013

Moonlight Graham Award

The inaugural "Moonlight Graham GM of the Year" award was created to recognize and memorialize the top contributing GM in Kinsella. The award is named for a character in the book "Shoeless Joe" and the movie "Field of Dreams". In the story, as in real life, Moonlight Graham really did exist. He only got one chance at the majors, and after his one chance he went to practice medicine. He lived a long life, loved one woman, and was a remarkable man according to all that knew him.

In the movie Graham gets a chance to go back with the greatest players of all time after he saves a little girl. He made the choice between playing ball, and being a good man. For all that encompasses Moonlight Graham's character and the real man, the award is named for him.

Here are the nominees....please vote to the left. Winners will be announced in one week.

Thunderdonkey – Minnesota Twins
The Twins had not competed under previous ownership, but in a few short years thunderdonkey won his division with a 94-68 record. No Twins team had ever reached 90 wins, until now.

Drichter – Cleveland Indians
The Indians completed a magical run to win the vaunted AL East by one game, just barely holding off the Yankees. Once they reached the playoffs, they dominated the AL. It wasn’t until game 7 of the World Series that the dream came to an end. This was the Indians first division title, and only their second winning season in franchise history.

Akgsports – Texas Rangers
Texas is the model of consistency for Kinsella, and has won six consecutive division titles, and eight consecutive playoff appearances.

Ssauve25 – Montreal Expos
From the depths rose the Expos and after a few horrible seasons, the Expos are one of the premier teams in the NL and all of Kinsella. They have won five consecutive division titles and reached the NLCS twice in that time. The Expos haven’t been below 92 wins all of that time.

Dillontt – Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies finally broke the 90 win mark on their way to winning the NL East. It was a first under Dillon, and while he didn’t make it past the first round, the fact that this team has become stable once again is an accomplishment.

Rookie30000 – Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates had once been the laughing stock of Kinsella. After a rough first season, rookie has taken the Pirates to the playoffs three years running, to the NLCS two years in a row, and finally the World Series where they won it all this season. Raise the Jolly Roger!

Tedwmoore – Florida Marlins
Love him, or hate him, Ted took a chaotic situation in south Florida and turned them into a perennial powerhouse. Ted always speaks his mind and he commands a measure of respect from fellow owners. Oh, and the Marlins aren’t bad either. Reaching the World Series in 3 of 5 years, and winning it twice is an accomplishment.

Cyben5150 – St. Louis Cardinals
The Cards had fallen on hard times. While they still haven’t made the playoffs since season 16 (under different ownership) cyben improved his team from 72 wins all the way to 88 wins. That is the highest win total since season 11.

Sermonauthor – San Diego Padres
The Padres are lucky to have an owner like Sermon, and Kinsella is lucky to have him. He is a mixture of Gandolph the Great, Christopher Walken, Branch Rickey, and Billie Beane. Although he had his worse season since season 15, and lost the division title for the first time since season 17. Regardless, is there anyone wiser, or more entertaining than sermon?

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