Thursday, January 20, 2011

One-On-One With Kinsella Commish Overeasy

In a futile attempt to overcome the boredom of Spring Training, "World Kinsella" recently sat down for a candid give-and-take with overeasy on all things Kinsella...and a few other things.

Who is overeasy in real life?

Overeasy is John Coffman, a 36 year old happily married man with three wonderful boys (Almost 5, Almost 3, and 1) who works as an electrical engineer for a small consulting firm near Portland, OR.

Do you develop "man-crushes" on your HBD players?
I wouldn't exactly call it a man crush like sparrow and Dee Dee, but I would call myself a fan of Brandon Sutton and will probably keep him around longer than I should.

What are the most under-rated and over-rated player ratings and why?
Under-rated - Contact: High contact guys seem to get a boost to their stats above what you would expect from their other ratings and when combined with high eye they become an OBP machine. Pitch ratings: Seems that a lot of the primary focus is on control and splits, but a pitcher isn't truly able to be their best without a P1 of 80+ (love to see 90+) and a P2 of 70+. It's what separates Walt Hernandez from Kordell Becker.
Over-rated - Power: It has the shortest lifespan of the key ratings and many hitters are near worthless once it drops. GB/FB - Some folks profess that it is very important, but I haven't seen any good evidence that it matters too much, though I usually like to have a good defense all around.

Favorite moment of your HBD career?
It was very unexpected and satisfying to win my first world series with the Yankees in Kinsella. It felt great to have that burden lifted early in my HBD career as I would hate to be going now with 30+ seasons and not have at least one.

If you could change one thing about HBD, what would it be and why?
I would change HBD so that it would become my real job and I could get paid for being the league commissioner of Kinsella (unfortunately that $5 HBD credit doesn't pay the bills) and for my 4 GM jobs.

F, Marry or Kill:

a) Angelina Joile - K, Jennifer Connelly - M, Marissa Miller - F
Somebody has to stop Angelina from adopting every orphan throughout the world. A lame movie called Career Opportunities came out near the end of my high school years and from that moment I was hooked on Connelly. I think now she could stand to gain a bit of weight to get her curves back, but as her husband I'll would make sure she eats. Never had an SI subscription so not that familiar with Miller, but she looks alright.

b) Sarah Palin - F, Nancy Pelosi - K, Oprah - M
Of the 3, Palin seemed the most do able. I'd consider myself a moderate Democrat, so I would love to get rid of Pelosi as a major face of the party. Oprah is loaded! And with the size of those mansions, you could get lost and only see each other every few weeks if you wanted.

c) jclarkbaker, fellman9, Sockless_Joe - Abstain
I don't play for that team, not that there is anything wrong with that, so that eliminates the F and M options. The last thing I want to do is damage the retention rate of the highest retention world, so K is off the table as well.

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