Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AL Stretch Run

The AL picture is pretty clear, save for the Texas - Tampa Bay battle for the #1 seed. Here's the rundown with 6 games to go:

Detroit leads Chicago by 4 in the North, but the Sox have been slowly creeping up for awhile. It'll be interesting to see if the lead shrinks to 3 or less by the last series, when the two teams meet for a 3-game set. The division winner will get the #3 seed; runner-up takes the 6th seed (1 White Sox win or 1 Red Sox loss eliminates Boston from wild-card contention).

In the East, the Yankees have won the division for the 6th straight year and are set as the #2 seed.

In the South, the Rays take a 1-game lead over Texas into the last 6 games. Both teams have series with division rivals Kansas City and Charlotte, so there's no schedule advantage. Winner gets the #1 seed and a bye, runner-up will be the #5 seed.

Oakland has a 4-game lead on Anaheim out West; both teams play Seattle and Portland, so the Angels need at least 2 Athletics losses to keep hope alive. They tied the season series, and they're milimeters apart in the second and third tiebreakers. Either way, the winner has the #4 seed, and the runner-up starts working on next season.

Playoff Pairings

#3 Detroit or Chicago plays #6 Detroit or Chicago (although Boston could still get in); winner of that series plays # 2 New York.

#4 Oakland or Anaheim plays #5 Texas or Tampa Bay; winner of that series plays #1 Texas or Tampa Bay.

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