Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mets-Nationals Play-In Highlights Game 162

Game 162 still holds some intrigue for at least 2 teams in Kinsella this year, as the Mets and Nationals square off this afternoon to see who gets the last NL wildcard spot.

Mets GM dherz has already signaled his intent to start ace Walt Hernandez on 3 days' rest; D.C. skipper ea is expected to counter with lefty D.T. Porzio, although the N.Y. lineup's preference for southpaws may lead him to go with Tom Durham on short rest.

In any event, it's a sold-out Nationals Park to see the last remaining playoff fight later today.

The AL Playoff pairings are set:

#4 Toronto and #5 Charlotte go at it in the one Division Play-In Series, with the winner drawing the #1 seed Yankees.

The other Division Play-In features division rivals #3 Oakland and #6 Anaheim - the winner gets #2 Texas.

The NL Playoff Pairings have a few more possibilities remaining:

The #4-#5 and #1 bracket is set: Atlanta has secured the #1 seed and awaits the winner of the #4 San Francisco - #5 Cincinnati Division Round.

Montreal and Philadelphia are TIED for the #2 seed. The Expos take it with a win, as they have a big lead in the first tiebreaker (division record). The Expos host the Brewers and the Phils are at Pittsburgh to decide the #2 and #3 seeds. Whoever comes out on top there gets a first-round bye; the loser takes the #3 seed and faces the winner of the NY-D.C. showdown (#6 seed) in the other Division Round.

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