Monday, May 4, 2009

Poll Results: Who would you draft #1 in an open draft?

With 19 votes cast, the results were as follows:
Santos Lorenzo, SP, Tampa Bay Rays - 5
Dee Dee Hutton, 1B, Atlanta Braves - 3
Walt Hernandez, SP, New York Mets - 3
Kevin Marte, 1B, Montreal Expos - 2
Damian Chen, CF, Detroit Tigers - 2
Juan Marerro, CF, Texas Rangers - 2
Travis Murphy, 1B, Anaheim Angels - 1
Earl Jorgensen, 2B, Charlotte Knights - 1

The votes were a bit more widespread than I thought they should be, which I am guessing is attributed in some part to bias on the part of the GMs for the teams these guys play for. The winner is a future ace and was last season's big money International free agent. He probably won't see the bigs for a couple more seasons, but when he does, he is going to make an impression.

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