Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All-Star Facts & Figures

After 6 seasons, we have 6 seasons worth of All-Stars but only 5 games played since the game did not take place in Season 1. After 5 games, the NL currently holds a 3-2 lead, winning the last three in a row. Here are the game's MVPs:
2. Valerio Guillen, Boston
3. Jose Pichardo, Tampa Bay
4. Gordon Scanlan, San Diego
5. Benji Palmer, New York Mets
6. Pascual Martin, Arizona

We also have 5 seasons worth of home run derbys with champions as follows:
2. Danny Alexander, Kansas City
3. Del Wilhelm, Philadelphia
4. Dan Guerrero, Atlanta
5. Jolbert Romero, San Francisco
6. Kevin Marte, Montreal

With 6 seasons of All-Star selections, we have 360 spots between both leagues. Taking these spots are 127 one-time picks, 36 two-timers, 26 three-timers, 13 four-timers, 5 five-timers, and Vic Castillo (KC/NYY) as the lone six-time pick.

Four Timers: Patrick Rivera - KC, Darren Chance - ChiSox/Philly, Haywood Charles - Anaheim, Pedro Cabrera - St. Louis, Ryan Hamelin - SF, Andres Alcantara - Cinci/Detroit, James Hutton - Seattle, Willie Johnson - Detroit, Bernard Springer - Montreal, Alexander Myers - Toronto/NYY, Jose Pichardo - TB/Philly, Danny Alexander - KC, Del Wilhelm - Philly

Five Timers: B.C. Javier - Charlotte, Carlos Solano - LA/Florida, Hector Joseph - KC, Jake Clapp - Milwaukee/Philly/SF, Jeff Bollea - Boston/Texas

All-Stars for the Most Teams - Jake Clapp 5 games for 3 teams (Milwaukee/Philly/SF) and Hayes Swann 3 games for 3 teams (Baltimore/Florida/DC)

Teams with the Most All-Stars: Kansas City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati with 26

Team with the Least All-Stars: Ossie Flynn this season became the first and only All-Star for Oakland. Four teams are next tied with 5 selections.

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