Monday, December 1, 2008

Season 5 Power Rankings - 3rd Edition

1. (1) Montreal Expos, 59-42, Past Week 8-10: Marte is flirting with .400 and the offense continues to roll. An off week has put this team in the lead of a tight three-team race.

2. (5) Portland Beavers, 61-40, Past Week 13-5: The Beavers were impressive this week as they asserted themselves as the team to beat in the tough AL West.

3. (2) Charlotte Knights, 60-41, Past Week 9-9: A poor showing in divisional play has opened up the AL South race as the Royals and Rangers are right on their heels.

4. (6) San Diego Padres, 57-44, Past Week 9-9: The Padres have not been able to pull away from the others in the strong NL West. Perhaps new arrival Ralph Levine can be the difference maker for this team.

5. (3) Anaheim Angels, 56-45, Past Week 8-10: The Angels did not perform up to expectations this week and are now in danger of missing the playoffs entirely after last season’s ALCS appearance.

6. (11) Kansas City Royals, 57-44, Past Week 13-5: This week the Royals looked like the team that rolled through last season’s AL playoffs to the World Series and are again serious contenders.

7. (13) Washington DC Nationals, 56-45, Past Week 12-6: Estaban Marquez has benefited from the change of scenery and the entire team has gotten a charge from the big trade with NY. If Hayes Swann can figure out what ails him, the Nats will be hard to catch.

8. (7) Cincinnati Reds, 57-44, Past Week 10-8: The Reds gained some ground this week and their superb pitching, power hitting team is knocking on the Expos door.

9. (4) Philadelphia Phillies, 54-47, Past Week 7-11: It was a horrible week in Philly that saw the Phils lose their division lead. With Garrido off the DL, they must right the ship soon or the defending champs will be sitting out this postseason.

10. (16) Texas Rangers, 56-45, Past Week 13-5: The mix of veterans and youngsters are clicking right now for the Rangers and their dominating divisional play has them in a tight three-way AL South race.

11. (14) Chicago Cubs, 56-45, Past Week 10-8: Big time pitching keeps the Cubs in what is now a tight NL North race.

12. (18T) Detroit Tigers, 54-47, Past Week 13-5: The Tigers roared this week against their AL North rivals. This young and talented team appears ready to win their first division title.

13. (21) New York Yankees, 53-48, Past Week 12-6: Divisional play was just what the doctor ordered for the Yanks as they beat up on their rivals to regain the division lead.

14. (24) Arizona Diamondbacks, 54-47, Past Week 14-4: The D’backs found their pitching prowess and took advantage of divisional play with a terrific week to put themselves back in the hunt.

15. (10) Seattle Mariners, 54-47, Past Week 8-10: The Mariners pitching remains strong, but the offense is what makes them only the third best in the tough AL West.

16. (9) Los Angeles Dodgers, 54-47, Past Week 7-11: The Dodgers got roughed up by their division rivals as their lack of a consistent offense is hurting their chances.

17. (12) San Francisco Giants, 53-48, Past Week 8-10: With homerun contest winner Jolbert Romero leading the offense and showing signs of fatigue, can the Giants remain in contention?

18. (8) Oakland Athletics, 53-48, Past Week 5-13: This week, the A’s looked like a young team with the lowest payroll.

19. (18T) Minnesota Twins, 51-50, Past Week 10-8: The Twins lost a tough series with Detroit and have slipped into 2nd place.

20. (15) New York Mets, 50-51, Past Week 6-12: It seems the heat of the playoff race was too much for this young team as divisional play knocked them down a peg or two.

21. (22) Atlanta Braves, 49-52, Past Week 9-9: The Braves remain a disappointing team this season. The week was salvaged by a 4 game sweep of the rival Marlins.

22. (23) Florida Marlins, 49-52, Past Week 10-8: The Marlins week started strong, but then went south in divisional play.

23. (20) Boston Red Sox, 49-52, Past Week 8-10: The Red Sox put up another mediocre week but remain in the race with the weak AL East.

24. (17) Cleveland Indians, 48-53, Past Week 5-13: Divisional play has proved costly for the Tribe as they dropped like a rock from first to third in the AL East.

25. (25) Pittsburgh Pirates, 47-54, Past Week 9-9: With a .500 week, the Bucs are running out of time this season.

26. (28) St. Louis Cardinals, 45-56, Past Week 12-6: Their good week finds the Cards in the hunt for the division.

27. (26) Houston Astros, 42-59, Past Week 10-8: With a decent week, the Astros still remain within striking distance of the division title in the weak NL South.

28. (27) Toronto Blue Jays, 45-56, Past Week 10-8: If not for the poor showing against division leaders Detroit and Minnesota, the Jays would have climbed back in the race.

29. (31) Tampa Bay Rays, 40-61, Past Week 10-8: There is some pride in Tampa as the Rays have a respectable week.

30. (29) Baltimore Orioles, 37-64, Past Week 5-13: With Levine and Kapler shipped out, put a fork in them.

31. (30) Milwaukee Brewers, 33-68, Past Week 3-15:

32. (32) Chicago White Sox, 27-74, Past Week 2-16: The scouts are furiously scouring the country to find the future #1 pick.

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