Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weekly Power Rankings

I am going to try to maintain this as a weekly update to the blog. We'll see how it goes. Feel free to make your agreements/disagreements known in the world chat. This first attempt will be focused on the season as a whole, while subsequent versions will focus on the past week.

Current Rank (Previous Rank)

1. (NR) Philadelphia Phillies: Season 69-40, Past Week -
This team had most initimidating lineup by far and an adequate pitching staff that has the comfort of plenty of run support. It's said that great pitching usually beats great hitting. Well that theory will be put to the test in the playoffs this season as the Phillies look to repeat as champs, this time by virtue of a division title instead of last season's wild card route.

2. (NR) Arizona Diamondbacks: Season 71-38, Past Week -
The second best pitching staff in the league paired with an above average offense has led to the best record in the majors. With their Latino trio of starters (Tejada, Diaz, Delgado) as the playoff rotation, they look like the most serious threat to challenge the defending champs as they win their second NL West title.

3. (NR) Chicago White Sox: Season 67-42, Past Week -
The best staff in the AL by a decent margin combined with an average offense puts the White Sox in position to repeat as AL Champs. While their offense does have the potential to be shutdown by top pitching, their staff will keep the games close.

4. (NR) Anaheim Angels: Season 64-45, Past Week -
This team is an AL version of the Phillies, only with a bit less offense and a little better pitching. It's still primarily the offense that puts the fans in the stands and the W's in their column, leading them to another AL West title.

5. (NR) Cincinnati Reds: Season 64-45, Past Week -
The Reds are driven by a good balance of pitching and offense, both above average for the NL and look to repeat as NL North Champs.

6. (NR) Los Angeles Dodgers: Season 68-41, Past Week -
With the probably the best pitching staff in the game and one of the bottom third offenses, this team has been master of the one run victory (25-7) on their way to the 3rd best record. Unfortunately in the playoffs, the offense will likely be shutdown when all they see are top starters.

7. (NR) Boston Red Sox: Season 61-48, Past Week -
Especially right now with Bollea on the DL, this team is the anti-Dodgers as they win their games by outscoring the opposition in slugfests and are poised to repeat as AL East champs. With Bollea back, they become a very dangerous team come playoff time as his precence nearly guarantees 2 wins in a 5 game series or 3 wins in a 7 game series.

8. (NR) Toronto Blue Jays: Season 60-49, Past Week -
Much like the Red Sox, they are winning their games with the bats. Unlike the Red Sox, they don't have an ace coming back and are going to have an uphill climb come playoff time.

9. (NR) Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Season 65-44, Past Week -
With an offense that is a little below average and an above average pitching staff, the Rays have been the AL masters of good fortune in one-run games with a record of 22-11 and giving them the inside track to repeat as AL South champs. Unless reigning AL MVP Julio goes on a terror, their playoff run will be a short one.

10. (NR) Kansas City Royals: Season 60-49, Past Week -
This team has a very similar build as Tampa with an average offense and above average pitching. The Royals have the added benefit of a legitimate ace in Rivera which gives this team the potential to ride his back for a couple of playoff rounds.

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  1. Nice job. I do think Arizona has been playing the best ball of late,though.

  2. All these teams are garbage without me. If any of them want to be a lock for the 'ship, they should give me a call.